Thank you for being a subscriber and supporter of the channel. I created the channel in June 2019, but I never really started using it until December 2019 after being encouraged by others. Today (08/06/20) would be the 6th month of me building this channel (I did take 2 months off due to other work commitments) but since 6 months ago, I have grown a genuine following within the Youtube community, and I want to continue that growth with more subscribers, more supporters and inturn give you guys the latest gossip & best content on the net! If you have joint my channel memberships, or sent me superchats on live streams, I love you, thank you.


If it wasn't for "you" I wouldn't be here writing this, or even thinking of ideas for videos, and doing the research to keep you updated with what's going on in the world of Arsenal, so again thank you. In fact, you guys make me want to workhard, and build, to ensure the continuous flow of the latest Arsenal gossip, as well as providing real debates and personal opinions.


I will be featuring Sports Journalist, Sports Bloggers, Celebrities, other Youtubers on the channel. I aim, and will try my best to get Footballers, Ex Footballers and Football Agents on the channel also but I need your support!

I really want to grow the channel but I can only do that with your support. Therefore, I am asking all my supporters, subscribers to help with the continual growth of the channel by "DONATING" whatever you can afford, when you can afford it, so that the Wax Online channel can keep growing, creating new content, and becoming one of the best creative content channels in the world. We've got a long way to go but it starts with your support!

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Thank you for the support in advance!


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